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March 11, 2013
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TH App: Kuchiki Misa [Revamped] by gorogoroiu TH App: Kuchiki Misa [Revamped] by gorogoroiu
:new::new: Yet again another revamp! Thought I might fix it due to new app etc. 

:new:Revamped in to my current art style~!

Small edit:Changed her voice to a more fitting one~

EDIT: I GOT IN!:iconcannotevenplz: I'm so happy ;__; :heart:
If anyone wants to RP dont' be afraid to ask! ;A;

Application for a group I've wanted to join for a very long time :icontachikawa-high: ~
Joining together with :iconkaizokuhime: Hope we get in:heart:

Sorry if the shirt looks gray, it's supposed to be white:iconsobbplz:


Name: Kuchiki Misa
Nickname: MisaMisa, Babydoll(by ex boyfriend.)
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Sexuality: Straight
Status: Single

Grade: Second year
Dormitory: Sakuramachi
Club: Student council & music club

+ Music
+ Her bass
+ Composing
+ Singing
+ Fashion
+ Sleeping
+ Cool or pretty accessories
+ Cosplaying (with her sister.)
+ Karaoke
+ Reading hentai(this is a secret though.)

- Big dogs
- Pigeons (is terrified whenever she sees one)
- Getting colds
- Coffee
- People saying her dream is a waste of time
- People chewing with their mouth open.
- Math

Misa is an easy-going person, she likes being around people and talking even though her face sometimes might say something else since she has a habit of looking mad when she's concentrating on something. People usually mistakes her for a bitch with just looking at her determining that by her style, but that is not the case. She is protective over her sister and does absolutely not tolerate people bad-mouthing Kisa. She might be a little too talkative when it comes to talking about music, but when she actually gets into playing she gets quiet. If you back-stab her or hurt her feelings she'll simply pretend she doesn't know you and won't talk to you unless you have a very good reason. She's a determined person that will do everything in her power to make her dream come true. Misa can also be kind of pushy and straight forward when she really wants something.


Misa was born the elder of twin sisters. With her father and mother being a movie producer and a famous actress it resulted in them traveling around in the world a lot.
Misa and her twin sister Kisa has always been very precious to their parents and didn't mind being dragged along in their travels. Even though their parents were busy a lot they made sure all of their spare time was spent with their daughters. Misa and Kisa were looked after by a kind of sloppy nanny when their parents were busy with work, they didn't care much about though since the only thing they couldn't handle themselves were the cooking which the nanny actually did.

Misa and Kisa were always close and as they got older they didn't really need a nanny since Kisa taught herself to cook while Misa practiced on her bass and singing.
She always protected and helped her sister as much as she could since Kisa is insecure, though Kisa kind of payed Misa back whenever she got her colds and such, which happened quite often since she has a weak immune system. Her big interest for music started early and she realized her big dream was to create a band and make it famous when she saw her first visual kei concert when they traveled to Ueda in Japan at the age of 10. She started making her own songs. Unfortunately since they were moving around so much she never really got the chance to gather members. When living in America she had a few short romances with random guys that shared her interest for music, but nothing was really serious.

When they turned 16 their parents decided that they were fit to move back to Japan by themselves to experience a more stable and normal teenage life. They started searching for a good boarding school that would be fit for the both of them and after searching a while they found an article about the school in a famous magazine. The school looked nice and everything said about it was very promising, after they checked Tachikawa high out in person, they decided that this school was the best choice. The environment was uplifting, the dormitory was big, the principle and the teachers they met was really friendly and the students really seemed to like it there and many of them had graduated and had become very successful in life.

After entering Tachikawa, Misa met a lot of people and made friends. Though Kaz became her special one, they did a lot of things together and in the end became a couple. It was a happy time, it lasted almost a year... Kaz was moving and it was impossible to keep a relationship that would be long term as that going. The best thing for them to do was to break up, even though it made Misa very sad..  

Though as she has had a little time to think and such during the break she has started to get over it, ready to get to know new people and of course hang out with people she already knows. After all, who knows what lies ahead of her now?

Additional Info:
♡ Has a weak immune system
♡ Pigeons are her biggest fear, when there is a big crowd of them she'll faint.
♡ Misa is scared of pigeons cause of her nanny telling her that they bring deceases that can make her get very ill. Also once she tried to overcome her fear by feeding one, but it flew right in her face which resulted in her fainting from fear
♡ Will do almost anything for her band to become famous .
♡ Has a younger twin sister named Kisa::TH:: Kuchiki Kisa -App- [Revamp] by KaizokuHime
♡ Spends most of her free time eating sweets, reading magazines or composing if she isn't hanging out with anyone.
♡ Her band is named "Dash!!"
♡ Walks around with a surgical mask in the seasons the colds are common to get or whenever she has a cold herself.
♡ Her hair is originally brown, but she colored half of her hair blonde
♡ Tries her best keeping up with the latest styles and fashion that's currently popular
:new: ♡ Has gotten a pet dog, a pug named Boss.
:new: ♡ Used "silver shampoo" to get her hair to become less yellow-ish. 


Example 1
Example 2

"It's totally inspiring! 
"I-Is that a pigeon?!"
"You have a cold? Please, take a few steps back."
"Don't take things for granted."

Kuchiki Misa (c) gorogoroiu
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whianem Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2014   Digital Artist
I have a question! Why does she dyed her hair with two different colors? (I love it!)
I like a lot your character :)
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Senpai, why u so pretty *touches*
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Aww she is so cute! And the puppy with the chibi *o* this is just too adorable!!! I hope we can rp :D
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Your art is so kanpeki hhhhh- ~~♥

And poor girl afraid of pigeons~ ヽ(;◇;)ノ
I feel you girl, I'm terrified of geese...

She's such a babe character huffhuff!! (´∇ノ`*)ノ
gorogoroiu Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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lmao, pigeons and geese are scary in general
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Bwaaa~! (˃͈ દ ˂͈  ) Nonsense! You are very worthy~!! You deserve all the praise~! ♥
/wipes away your tears and gives you a big hug and some ice cream
You're kind too!! (人´∀`*) And ahhhh- her app is updated eeeeee~~~!!

I love how you drew her face, her expression is so cute omg hjksdfh and the chibi too waaah!!
Such a baaaabe! Marry me~~ ( °//٢//° ) huffhuff

And hhhh- thank you so much dear!! 

omg they really are though! fjhdbsjkdf BIRDS ARE SCARY MAN!! Hahahaa
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